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Mensh Agricultural machinery manufacturing.

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It is known that the economic basis of our country, Ethiopia, is agriculture; More than 80% of the population is engaged in agriculture and feeds the remaining 20% of the population. We have not been able to ensure the country's food security for centuries due to the inefficient production process and production equipment.

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The availability of modern agricultural equipment is the only way to solve the problem of productivity in the country. Since its inception, Woubishet Tamru & Friends Metal Works Partnership realized that it is better to produce modern agricultural equipment’s locally and supply it to the farmer at an affordable price. Our company is developing agricultural implements that alleviate the suffering of the farmer. We produce equipment that is engineered and manufactured using the latest technologies to meet the customer’s demanding conditions and environment. We pride ourselves on delivering equipment with the highest standards of quality, durability, reliability and safety to enhance our customers businesses and minimize their operational costs.

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